Welcome to “Binding design and paper conservation of antique books, albums and documents” /BBinding/ project website.

The general aim of the project is to provide modern training materials and tools for vocational training for bookbinding and paper preservation.

More information about the project, such as partners, background, objectives, you can find in the section “The Project” on this website.

One of the main project results are 9 online training modules on different topics related to modern bookbinding and paper/photos preservation, where special attention has been paid to intercultural learning, entrepreneurship and green skills in this field. Those are available in the “Training modules” section and are adapted for e-learning.

In addition, the project proposes an innovative tool in support of the modern bookbinders’ work. Using the tool bookbinders will be able to show their clients different examples and styles of binding, ornaments, colours, materials etc. The tool can be downloaded from the “Bookbinding tool” section.

Last but not least, other useful resources, products, links and information can be found in the “Resources” section. A .pdf version of the module-based manual with guidelines on how to use the project products will also be published there.